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Viktoriana Dress


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Viktoriana Dress will give you the experience of decadance of that era. We’ve fused the elegance with seductivness by making some of the panels transparent, but still kept the traditional victorian pinstripe design on it. The sleeves originate from the authentic patterns of those times and the upper body is boned to slightly enhance the waistline. To put a finishing touch on a revealing neckline, there is nothing better then a necklace. The latex one, of course. This dress has a concealed zip on the back, the upper body is made out of thick 0.8 mm latex and the rest in 0.45 mm. The necklace part is attached to the dress itself.

The delivery time is up to 12 weeks, because we make each garment by hand for you.
Made-to-measure items will receive an email after ordering with all the info you need to enter the measurements.

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