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BeGloss Easy Glide Premium Spray 250 ML


13,16  / 100 ml

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Easy glide – pure feeling. This premium latex donning aid cares for and distributes much faster and much better than Easy Glide Classic. Due to the special viscosity, you use significantly less latex donning aid and is particularly suitable for thin and sensitive latex. It can be distributed very easily and quickly via the premium spray head. The spray gives excellent gliding properties and is comfortable to wear on the skin. beGLOSS Easy Glide is very productive, significantly increases the brilliance of transparent latex and the lifespan of latex clothing. Dermatologically tested, free from additives and particularly good for sensitive skin. The latex dressing aid gives an easy and smooth “slip-in” feeling! The spray protects against premature wear and sticking of latex clothing. It has an antistatic effect and is also perfectly suitable for chlorinated latex.

Ingredient: dimethyl silicone fluid.

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